The Manchester Pride Parade is one of The Festival's most highly anticipated events, with thousands of people marching proudly together through the streets of Manchester and tens of thousands of supporters cheering us along the way. 

This year we'd like you to join us as we turn the streets of Manchester in to one of the largest graduation parades ever seen. Our theme centres around the importance of education as a key factor in the fight to end the inequalities and injustices still faced by LGBT people around the world. 

So whether you're a group of friends gleaming with pride, colleagues and allies standing shoulder to shoulder or an organisation with an important message of support, the Manchester Pride Parade places you at the centre of the celebrations.


Class of 2017: The Graduation Parade

Our high school uniforms consisted of ties that were too short and blazers that were too big, so we’re looking across the Atlantic at pure Ivy League chic but some of us are signing up at Rydell High; T Birds and Pink Ladies - YES!

But our ‘Class of 2017’ looks stretch far beyond the classroom. Think sports teams, geeks, marching bands and the cheerleader crew. We’re absolutely sure some of you will fancy taking charge as Principal or Coach.

So, assemble your squad and gather your glee club as it’s time for your graduation ceremony through the streets of Manchester.



We have been overwhelmed with the amount of applications for The Class of 2017 Parade since they opened in February, and we have now reached the limit for this year's Parade. 

If you would like to express an interest in The Manchester Pride Parade 2018 then please complete the form here. 

If you are an individual or small group of no more than 5 people, why not join our Manchester Pride Parade Troop who will lead this year's parade as part of our very own entry? Just click on 'Join The Manchester Pride Parade Troop' below.



Have you always wanted to be part of the Manchester Pride Parade but are not part of a group or organisation? This year, we’re looking for enthusiastic troopers to help us lead the Parade by getting involved with the official Manchester Pride Parade entry.

Individuals, couples and small groups of friends can join in the Parade by walking as part of the Official Manchester Pride Parade entry, wearing specially designed costumes and learning some cheerleader style moves to fit in with our Class of 2017: Graduation Parade theme. 

You can also get involved with helping to make your costume and learn simple dance steps in free workshops that we’re running throughout August. These workshops are run by Walk the Plank, multi-award winning outdoor arts organisation, and funded by Arts Council England. 

So why not make this year's Pride an unforgettable experience and join the Manchester Pride Parade entry by following the link below to submit your registration.

Once you’ve registered, we'll be in touch with the dates and location of the workshops.


About Walk The Plank

Based in Salford, Walk the Plank is a multi-award winning outdoor arts organisation which creates powerful events with mass appeal. From international stage to village square, their specialist team develop remarkable moments that enrich the lives of their audience through shared experience - encouraging a sense of place, a feeling of pride, and well-being. The workshops are funded by the Arts Council of England through their Grants for the Arts scheme.


What is the Manchester Pride Parade? 

The Manchester Pride Parade is an opportunity for you to get involved with one of the largest and most successful LGBT Parades in the UK. It’s your chance to show lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from all over the UK, Europe and further afield the very best that Manchester has to offer. The aim of the Manchester Pride Parade is to have fun, celebrate the LGBT community in Greater Manchester, the UK and overseas, and raise awareness of the inequalities and issues still facing LGBT people at home and abroad.

When is the Manchester Pride Parade?

This year, the Manchester Pride Parade is on Saturday 26 August 2017.

Is there a Parade theme this year?

Yes, the Parade theme for this year is 'Class of 2017: The Graduation Parade.'

Our high school uniforms consisted of ties that were too short and blazers that were too big, so we're looking across the Atlantic for pure Ivy League chic because some of us fancy signing up at Rydell High just for their uniform!

But our ‘Class of 2017 looks’ stretch far beyond the classroom. Think jocks, geeks, marching bands and the cheerleader crew and we're absolutely sure some will fancy dressing up as lecturers and teachers.

So assemble your squad and gather your teams as it’s time for your Graduation ceremony through the streets of Manchester. 

How do I apply & is there a deadline?

Applications are submitted online through The Big Weekend Website. Deadline for applications is Midday on Tuesday 1 August 2017. However, please note we may close submissions earlier if we reach our permitted limit for entries in The Parade.

Who is eligible to apply?

We welcome Parade applications from individuals and groups from within the LGBT community, LGBT and HIV charities and organisations, the public sector, educational establishments, small businesses and commercial organisations.

The Manchester Pride Parade is an ideal opportunity to put your group or organisation in front of tens of thousands of people. An entry in the Parade places you at the heart of Manchester’s Pride celebrations and demonstrates your commitment to equal opportunities for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

What types of entry are permitted in the parade?

We welcome both walking and vehicle entries in to the Parade:

Small/large walking groups

A walking entry can have up to a maximum of 50 walkers per entry. 

Vehicle entries

Whether you enter a truck, van, car or motorcycle your entry also allows for up to 12 walkers alongside your vehicle (usually 6 either side). 

Vehicle size guide

To help you tell us what size vehicle you're including in the Parade, use this very simple size guide:

Car or Small Van - length 2 metres

Medium Van (i.e. Ford Transit/Ambulance) - 2-4 metres

Large Van (i.e. 3.5 ton tail lift/box style Luton Van) 5-7 metres

Extra Large Van (i.e. 7.5 ton curtain sided vehicle/Fire Engine) 7-10 metres

Articulated lorry - length 12-16 metres

Special Vehicle - (double decker bus/tank/vehicles with trailers, etc)


Height restrictions apply for vehicle entries due to the Parade passing under live overhead electrical wires. As a guide, vehicles should be no more than 4.8 meters in height (think double decker bus height and you can't go wrong!). Walkers should also be mindful of the height restrictions if they are planning on using stilts and flag banners.

Can people ride on vehicle floats?

Many float entries include people travelling on open-sided vehicles such as flat-bed trucks. Whilst we welcome this, these have to be secure and safe for all passengers and spectators. As such we require all open sided trucks to have secure safety barriers both at knee height and waist height. These barriers can be either taut safety straps clamped to the vehicle or solid handrails fitted to the vehicle. A full safety briefing will take place prior to the Parade which all applicants must attend.

How many vehicles or walking groups can I apply to take part in the parade?

Each organisation or community group can have a total of two entries in the parade. This could be 1 vehicle entry and 1 walking entry. Or it could be 2 walking entries. Or if you wish you can apply for 2 vehicle entries. 

Is there a restriction of the number of walkers per entry?

We can allow up to 50 walkers as part of 1 walking entry. If you require more walkers, you can apply for a second walking entry up to a maximum of a further 50 walkers, bringing the total number of walkers to a maximum of 100 per organisation.  

If you have a vehicle entry, you can have people travelling on the vehicle as well as 12 walkers alongside the vehicle (usually 6 each side). If you require more walkers you can apply for an additional walking entry of up to 50 walkers as part of your entry. 

Each additional entry is charged separately. Due to capacity, we regret may not be able to honour all double bookings.

How much does it cost to enter the Parade?

There are a number of different pricing categories available depending on the type of organisation/business you belong to. 

Category 1

LGBT and/or HIV Community (non- funded) 

Most Parade entries fall under this category, which is for members of the LGBT community. This includes LGBT social or sporting groups and LGBT community organisations that are not government or employer funded.

*If you would like to make a donation to cover administration costs please feel free to do so.

Category 2

LGBT and/or HIV Community (funded) - £80 + VAT and booking fee

This category is for any LGBT and/or HIV organisation that receives funding from any avenue. Entries to this category must ensure that the sole purpose of their entire organisation is to support or serve LGBT and/or HIV Communities.

Category 3

Non LGBT/HIV Charity/Not For Profit - £225 + VAT and booking fee

This category is for charities and not-for-profit organisations that are not LGBT groups that are part of a larger organisation that is not purely LGBT and/or HIV orientated.

Category 4

Public Sector/Services - £290 + VAT and booking fee

Entries to this category are all service-based organisations within the community.

Category 5 

Small Business - £525 + VAT and booking fee

Whether you wish to specifically target the LGBT sector or the wider public, Manchester Pride is the perfect event in which to participate and the parade, in particular, offers access to the largest and widest audience of the weekend.

Manchester Pride expects that small business entries should set a high quality production standard. Your entry must include a prominent message of support for the Manchester Pride parade and the LGBT community.

Category 6

Commercial Entry - Price on Application

The Manchester Pride Parade has welcomed a number of commercial organisations over the years, placing businesses and brands in front of thousands of spectators. Tesco, Citroen, Manchester Airport, Thomas Cook Airlines, RBS, Barclays, Selfridges and Mini are just a few who have taken part, demonstrating their commitment to equal opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans employees and customers alike.

Can I hand out marketing and promotional material during the pride parade?

Manchester City Council has introduced a scheme whereby people wishing to distribute free printed matter in designated areas have to apply for consent from the Council. The new controls on the distribution of free printed matter are intended to prevent flyers, handouts and pamphlets from being discarded and becoming litter. The effect of the Order is that any persons wishing to distribute free printed matter must apply to the City Council for prior consent and it will be an offence liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale (£2,500) to distribute or cause to be distributed free printed matter without such consent. In order to apply you will need to complete an application form and return it along with the appropriate fee to Manchester City Council.

For enquiries contact: Manchester City Council, The Licensing Unit, Environmental Crimes Unit, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 3NZ. By email: By Telephone: 0161 234 4512 By Fax: 0161 957 8396 By Textphone: 0161 234 4505

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions then please email us or call 0161 831 7700.

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