The Expo

Situated in the indoor arena, this hugely popular community space gives exhibitors the chance to showcase their organisation, spend face-to face time with visitors, promote goods or services and carry out consultations. 

The Expo is ideal for local community groups, public sector organisations and commercial businesses, and is open over The Big Weekend from Saturday - Sunday between 11:00am and 5:00pm. Please note The Expo will now be closed on Monday.

Expo Info

Please read all the information below thoroughly and carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Expo Address

Manchester Pride Expo NCP Bloom Street Car Park Bloom Street Manchester M1 3JE


In the run up to the event, if you have any queries contact The Events Team, on or call 0161 831 7700.

During the event, an Expo Manager will be your main point of contact. The Expo manager will be located within the Expo area throughout the event.


The Expo will be open the following times:

Saturday 26 August 11am – 5pm | Sunday 27 August 11am 5pm

These times represent the maximum amount of time that you and your staff or volunteers are present. We ask that every stand be adequately staffed at all times. Due to the popularity of The Expo area, regular checks will take place to ensure stands are staffed during opening hours. If there are going to be any major problems with these times, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you around this.


We would like one representative from each organisation to collect your staff passes from The Expo site on Friday 25 August 2017 from 10am till 4pm.

This representative will collect and sign for all of your organisations' passes for the entire weekend. The individual who collects and signs for your passes will be responsible for allocating them to your staff and volunteers.

You have been allocated a maximum of three staff passes per organisation. Organisations with double stalls will only be issued 3 passes in total. These passes are valid for the duration of The Expo element of The Big Weekend (Saturday & Sunday). Unfortunately replacement passes cannot be issued. Any misuse of the passes will result in removal of passes.

If you have more than three staff or volunteers per day, you will need to purchase standard tickets, which can be done through our website. 

Passes are not individually named. They will have the name of the organisation on as well as serial numbers. It is your responsibility to ensure that the passes are allocated to your team during shift changes throughout each day, and for access to the festival site for the following day.

Passes will not be needed for access during setup on Friday until 4pm, as the Village area will not become a secure site until 6pm. Stand setup is to be completed by 4pm on Friday, outlined below. Your Expo pass does not grant you access to the event areas on Friday evening.

If you are unable to collect your staff passes on Friday 25 August 2017, please contact to discuss alternative arrangements.

There are strict timings that vehicle access will be permitted on site. More details are outlined below and in the setup and breakdown sections. A vehicle pass is required at all times for vehicles to access the site.

Friday 25 August 10.00am - 4.00pm Saturday 26 August 8.00am – 10.00am Sunday 27 August 8.00am – 10.00am.

Setup Times

Friday 25 August, 10.00am until 4.00pm.

You are welcome to arrive during the period stated above but please bear in mind that you must be finished by 4.00pm. We ask that a representative arrive to look at the stall and position. You will be asked to break down your stall before you leave. You are welcome to use the shared storage area on site to keep your items overnight. 

If you are arriving by foot, please go directly to The Expo area and you will be met by The Expo Manager who will direct you to your stall.

If you are arriving in a vehicle, please arrive by GATE 4 at the junction of Minshull Street and Bloom Street. You will be met by a member of staff who will have a list of names and vehicles who can gain access. During this time you will not need a site pass, but you will need a vehicle pass to enter the site area which will have the agreed vehicle details displayed and will be handed to you on arrival. If you have not already given us your vehicle details, you will not be permitted to access with your vehicle.

Saturday 26 August, 8.00am until 10.00am.

For those who cannot come on Friday day to setup, please contact us to make arrangements to meet off site to receive staff and vehicle passes.

You can gain access to the site in a vehicle on Saturday, Sunday and Monday between the hours of 8.00am and 10.00am for servicing your stall. A vehicle pass will be required.

The pop up marquee will be available for you to load in to, upon arrival on Saturday morning.


You will be required to remove your equipment from the stall before you leave each evening. You are welcome to use the shared storage on site or take away your equipment. 

We feel that it is suitable for organisations to start breaking down their Expo stalls from 5.00pm on Sunday 27 August, however, it will not be possible to bring a vehicle on to site. Your Expo Manager will be able to advise you further with this.


All organisations have been allocated a 3m x 3m pop up marquee. Please note that power will only be available upon request at time of booking. 

One folding trestle table and two chairs will be provided to each organisation as standard.

Please note there will be no walls for your marquee as we wish to create a welcoming and open space. 


There is a shared storage container next to the Expo. You may keep equipment, leaflets etc in this overnight and throughout the event. Please be mindful of space as the space is shared amongst all exhibitors.

Please do not overstock your stall and any leftover stock must be taken with you. Any charges incurred by Manchester Pride for left stock after Monday 28 August will be charged back to the exhibitor. 


The entire festival site will have 24 hour security for the duration of the festival. There will also be stewards staffing all the gates from 6.00pm on Friday 25 August until 11.00pm on Monday 28 August.

However, we cannot guarantee that goods can be left safely unattended in your stalls over night. Certainly anything of value should be removed at the end of each day. If it is not possible to remove something, it should at the very least be put out of sight.

We will not be held responsible for any theft or damage that may occur to any article or equipment within The Expo. Items will be left at your own risk.

Any damage to your Expo stall will not be the responsibility of Manchester Pride. Any charges incurred by Manchester Pride will be recharged to the organisation who booked the stall.


We will require copies of your Public Liability insurance documents. If you have not produced evidence of Public Liability insurance before the event, we will ask you to complete a disclaimer form upon arrival to the site stating that you agree that you are responsible for your own actions towards the public and Manchester Pride cannot be held liable for any of your actions.


Stall holders are not permitted to collect funds for their organisation.

Stall holders are not permitted to sell within The Expo area.

All staff must stay within The Expo area when distributing materials. You are not permitted to promote services or distribute material outside of The Expo area.

Petitions and materials distributed may be checked for appropriateness and offensive content.

No unauthorised live music or recorded music is permitted in The Expo area.

Expo exhibitors

• Thomas Cook Airlines/ Manchester Airport

• St John Ambulance

• Tel Aviv

• Girlguiding North West England

• BiPhoria

• Mermaids

• Contiki Holidays

• Ombudsman Services

• Manchester Village Spartans RUFC


• Village Manchester Football Club

• The Cancer Awareness Roadshow

• Fostering Solutions

• Alzheimer's Society

• LGBT Cancer Support Allience

• North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

• UNISON North West LGBT Group

• George House Trust

• LGBT Foundation


• Forum For Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Equality/ LGBT History Month

• Citizens Advice Manchester

• LGBT Labour

• Diversity Role Models

• GMB Union

• The Proud Trust

• Royal Air Force

Applications for The Expo are now closed

Applications for The Expo are now closed. 

If you would like to register your interest for The Expo 2018, please complete the expression of interest form here.

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